Play Mats

Handmade play-scapes and play-mats made of wet-felted wool.Oh, these stunning felted play mats. Such a fun to make them, and such a fun to see the kids being engaged with them. The miniature nature at home. Fantasy and imagination are unstoppable around these playscapes. Crossing rivers by jumping on the wet rocks while the water is running under our feet, having a rest next to a waterfall, climbing mountains and to imagine different forests around us, oak, pine or gum. As meditation can heal, thinking about nature while sitting at home can be uplifting too, a way for the kids to place themselves into nature wherever they are.I always use a sturdy but still soft wool as a base for these mats, on top of that i apply the beautiful and vibrant merino wool, highlighted with some silk fibres, sometimes embroidery or beads. It is all wet felted, strong and beautiful. These mats are made to order, placing a deposit is available at my shop, then we will discuss all the details.





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