Treble Headwear

This is a felted headwear made as a part of a joint project for a show at Wearable Art Mandurah. This headpiece is to be worn by the Patron of all wearable arts and crafts, I tried to imitate a treble clef, showing that all or weavers and spinners and makers of all sorts of wearable works made by people throughout centuries and millennials always sang together and forwarded the stories of their people while creating the wonders. The crown-piece symbolizes the villages and the society where men holds up women and making the creation possible as a vortex-energy of the two, while gods in the upper realms woven the stories of our lives from the rays of Sun, Moon and the Stars. The hanging down ear-cover shows the enwoven mesh of the lives of all humans, where everyone is included and significant part of the whole, and without any of us the mesh of our society is not complete, even impossible. Made with the ancient technique of felt appliqué that had been found in 2500 year old tombs of Scythians, where the technique was already perfected. Scythian noblewomen wore these high pointy headwears that later was inherited all through Asia till the very day showing highness, and from there it spread to Europe as wizard hats or even the renaissance hennin. Created with all my respect towards the unimaginably long heritage of inventors and makers of wearable arts, that built the bases of all our cultures and made the humans that we are now.